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Posted by on Jul 10, 2019 in Sex, Uncategorized | 0 comments

Am I oversexed

I do work very long hours for London escorts, and hooking up with my boyfriend, is not something that I always get a chance to do more than once a week. We have this very open relationship, and I know that he sleeps with his neighbor. In fact, so do I and my neighbor Charlie has become a very exciting booty call after I have finished my London escorts shift. He is even better in bed than my boyfriend, but I have never told him that.


Most of the girls I work with at cheap escorts, have a pretty liberal attitude towards relationships. Sure, I cannot think of any girl from a great cheap escorts service who would not like to have a decent relationship with her boyfriend, but that is easier said than done when you work long hours. If you are a bit like me, and cannot get enough of a good thing, it is handy to have a nearby booty call as I call it. Sometimes I just slip on my robe, and knock on Charlie’s door to show off my latest lingerie item. One thing leads to another…


This idea about being oversexed, is something I think that we need to drop. I would say that the vast majority of girls at cheap escorts have rather high sex drives and like to enjoy a sexy encounter from time to time. Some of the girls I work with, even do other jobs within the adult entertainment industry in London, and it keeps them happy. I do have some other commitments outside of London escorts, and love to do a little bit of adult modelling on the side of working for London escorts.


My boyfriend and I have more in common than just sex. I think if your relationship is all about sex, it does not make for very strong common ground. Yes, I do enjoy having sex with him, but if I had sex with the same partner all of the time, I would get bored. He feels the same way about life, and the fact that we met at a London sex party says it all. He was impressed that I worked for a London escorts service, and I guess you can say that he is fulfilling one of his dreams to date a girl from a London escorts service.


Open relationships can work if you don’t make your relationship just about sex. It should never be allowed to “control” the relationship, and that is what I like about being with my boyfriend. Our sexual relationship is very dynamic, but we can totally come away from that, and do other things like going hiking or taking a holiday together. Out of all of the girls who work for our London escorts service, I think that I have a very healthy relationship with my boyfriend, and all of the other exciting men in my life I meet on a daily or nightly basis.


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Too Much Technology.

Are we at risk from technology ruining our sex lives? Technology has become an increasing player in the bedroom. When I first got involved with London escorts sex toys such as sex robots and remote vibrators were unheard of when it came to having fun in the bedroom. Now they are commonplace, and if you want to make your sex life in London more exciting, you may just turn to them. So far, they have luckily not put London escorts out of business.

Do we rely too much on technology to keep our partners happy? There is a school of thought which says that we seem to have lost our sensuality. It would perhaps for many of the gents I date at London escorts. Many of them have not had close encounters with really hot and sexy women for years until they start to date London escorts. If you like, it can even be said that they have joined the physical part of a relationship artificially.

These days, we don’t even need to have sex to have children. You can rely on services like IVF and even sperm donation if you would like to produce a baby. Is that what our physical intimacy has come down to? I often ask myself that when I hear certain stories at London escorts. Many couples these days seem to resort to technology or medical innovation to start a family. Is this further proof of our loss of physical intimacy? I am not the only girl at our London escorts service who thinks that may be the case.

What does the future hold? As far as I am concerned, I think that London escorts are going to see an increased amount of competition from sex robots and online outlets for your physical needs. You can now dial up thousands of sex lines allover the world thanks to cheap online services such as Skype. Heck, there are even cyber sex kittens which offer their service on Facetime. It makes you wonder what is around the corner. Could it be that one day we will wake up to find that Skynet has gone live, and taken over the world? Are we becoming second class citizens to a new class of cyber based overlords? I am not sure if I would like to live in that kind of world. It would be like living in Second Life on overload.

Every day at London escorts I ask myself where technology is going to take us next. Surely the day is not far away when we download our sexual being and let it date others on some kind of Holodeck on Star Trek. If this is our sexual future, it could mean that physical intimacy will be lost to us forever. Maybe we should make a choice before it is too late. Many people think it is about time we took a stand against technology. I think so too. Technology is the one thing which could potentially put a lot of London escorts agencies out of business.

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Help- my lingerie drawer is over flowing!

I love sexy lingerie, and I have tons of it. The other girls at London escorts are a bit surprised when i say that sexy lingerie makes me feel good about myself, but honestly, sexy lingerie really does make me feel good. When you work for a London escorts service, there is something that you need oodles of at work, and that is confidence. I am sure that I would not feel as confident if it was not for my sexy lingerie that I insist on wearing on my London escorts dates. My fascination for sexy lingerie started way before I even considered joining London escorts.

I can’t say that it started in school,but I think I was around 16 years old when I bought my first sexy knickers and bra. It nothing special really, but I loved the look of the French knickers, and they made me feel really sensual. Since that day, my lingerie collections has just continued to grow. I think I am the only girl who works for our London escorts service with a whole wardrobe full of lingerie. Not only do I have a wardrobe full of sexy lingerie, but also have a couple of drawers packed with designer lingerie. They are things that I may have worn at London escorts, but simply do not want to let go of when it comes down to it. I find it really hard to part from lingerie, and I like to hang onto all of my designer lingerie that I have bought since I have been working for London escorts. It is still in good shape, and to just get rid of it would be such a waste.

You never know when it will come in handy. If you have invested in good quality lingerie, you really should try to look after it. I think that I would rather buy good quality lingerie than cheap and cheerful lingerie. When I buy lingerie, I always make sure that I check the care and washing instructions before I invest in any new lingerie. I am not sure the other London escorts go to so much trouble when selecting their lingerie, but in general, I do think that a lot of escorts in London have learned to see lingerie as an investment. It can be very expensive to buy good quality lingerie. When you start to look around London, you will find that there are plenty of designer boutiques who sell lingerie.

This is where you are going to find really exclusive lingerie and I mainly go for exclusive lingerie these days. I really do hate looking like other London escorts, and I think that it is my lingerie which really makes me stand out from the crowd. I always turn up to a photo shoot with lots of different lingerie, and my regular photographer is amazed how much of an effort I make for our sessions together. Like I keep telling him, I love to emphasise the fact I am a top elite London escort and i will always be a man’s fantasy.

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Booking London Escorts For Your Husband

I never know what to get my husband for his birthday, but I do know that as a red hot Scorpio man, he likes all things sex. Before we married, he used to be heavily into swinging but gave that up when he settled down with me. One of my best friends works for a London escorts service, and she has suggested that I surprise him with a sexy companion. It would not be anything extreme, but it would be a sexy girl from one of the top London escorts services. She could pick up in a chauffeur driven car and take him straight to his birthday party.

On the surface of it, it sounds like a good idea to get him a girl from a charlotte London escorts service, but I am not so sure. What if he becomes tempted to take things too far? One of my girlfriends hooked up with a guy from a London escorts service and had the time of her life. I am not sure that I really want to send my husband off on some adventure that he may not be in control of. He may just end up doing something that I don’t want him to do.

I have thought about an alternative and discussed it with my London escorts friend. Thinking about an alternative solution, I could always dress up as a London escort and we could have some fun in a hotel room that night. It would be simple to leave my husband a card telling him to meet so and so from London escorts in one of the top hotels in London. I keep on wondering if he would actually fall for that. To be honest, I am not sure that he would, or if he would even follow the idea through.

When I stop and think about my London escorts idea, I think that it would mean some sexy fun for me as well. I would dress up and buy myself some sexy lingerie. That is something that I have not done in ages, and it would be good for me as well. I am not sure what my husband would say, but I do have this inkling that he would be secretly delighted with my efforts. It would just be fun to lock the door, and forget about the rest of my boring life as a housewife for once.

It would be great to be the perfect sex kitten even if it was just for one night. Recently, we have not had a lot of time to ourselves, and this would be a great way to catch up on some personal time with my husband. We used to have a great sex life, but we these days we are like many other couples. Having to work hard to keep a roof over your head and go on one family holiday per year, is perhaps not the most exciting way to spend your life. It is time to inject some more exciting stuff in my life, and let the mother-in-law look after the kids for the weekend. I am planning to have some sexy fun with her son.

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Mom’s Day Out With A Big-Dicked Escort

Mom’s Day Out With A Big-Dicked Escort

As a housewife, all I do is wash dishes, help my kids do their homework and make sure my husband has something to eat when he comes home. I prefer calling myself a homemaker, but at times I feel like my husband takes my effort for granted. So, for the past six months, I had been on a dry spell (my pussy hadn’t tasted dick), and I felt I needed to change this a week ago.

During our women’s meetings, I heard other women complain about how their husbands were cheating with escorts. So, I thought to myself, why not get a London male escort? One day after accompanying my husband to work, I decided to try. I searched online and found many escorts at I initiated a chat with some of them and settled for one. His name was Jim; he was tall, handsome and blonde.

Jim and I chose to meet at a local guesthouse on the outskirts of town. I arrived a few minutes before him. He came with a bottle of wine in his hands and a small package. He gave me a mild kiss and served the wine.

“Tell me something about you,” Jim asked. That’s when he opened the Pandora’s Box; I went on and on, talking about my unresponsive husband. All this while Jim was listening, which made me feel good. He opened his package and removed some sex toys. At this point I felt there was no turning back, I wanted the sex badly.

He kissed my boobs and proceeded on down, where he licked my cunt and clit mercilessly. “Oh…Oh…, “I kept moaning; he was a master at this. He then pulled out a vibrator and mistreated my vagina with all things sugar and spice. I continued moaning all the more. By now, I had stopped counting the times I had climaxed.

Jim threw me on the bed and removed his boxers. It is at this point that I felt the monster cock slide in. (writing this is turning me on. The memories are ecstatic). I have had sex for decades, but nothing felt this good. He was like an angry bull that was seeking victory in a bull fight. He fucked me hard and endlessly. He couldn’t stop even when the pleasure overwhelmed me, and I loved this.

We then took a break when Jim went to get lunch. As we ate, I kept imagining how his lips would lick my pussy. The afternoon session was steamy…keep reading. He has some handcuffs which he used to tie me to the bed as he pleasured me with the vibrator, his lips and his fingers. He could not stop, he just went on and on and on. He would always end the sessions by sliding his huge dick in my pussy.

At the end of the day, I felt exhausted with pleasure. The multiple orgasms I had replaced the decades of mediocre sex. I can’t wait for the day that my husband will be out so that I can enjoy the good loving!

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